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American Cougar Martial Arts

Ruckersville, VA 22968

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American Cougar Martial Arts

Martial Arts for Everyone!

Welcome to American Cougar Martial Arts! Our theme is "Martial Arts for Everyone" because our school's program is designed to teach fundamental martial arts skills and help the students to be successful. If you are an adult looking for a fun and safe physical activity, our program will work for you. If you are not the fitness type or have not done a situp in 20 years, our program can adapt to you because everyone works at their own pace. If you are a parent with a child that does not like conventional sports activities - try our martial arts program. No worries about getting picked for the team, everyone can achieve rank in our school. If you are a teenager that wants to participate in a physical activity, but find baseball and basketball are not fun or interesting - try the martial arts. You can and will learn the material while progressing up through the ranks. Be different and be proud.

The American Cougar Martial Arts School is an independent school but belongs to a large and respected national organization. As a member of an independent Instructor association, Dr. Thompson has the flexibility to provide a curriculum that provides a broad-based art that is both fun and effective while students receive certified rank.

Classes operate via Greene County’s Parks and Recreation Department. The Greene County classes meet in the Ruckersville Elementary School gym. Staff seminars and private lessons are held at the school's Dojang in Ruckersville.

Call today!

American Cougar Martial Arts School: 434-985-2056

Greene County Parks & Rec Dept: 434-985-5226 (Ruckersville Elementary School, Ruckersville) Wednesdays, 7:00 to 8:30.

Visitors and parents are always welcome to watch our classes! Please ask to take two free lessons!


American Cougar Martial Arts

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