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See purchase policy at the bottom of this page.


American Cougar Martial Arts student uniforms are white V-neck style tops with white pants. We do not wear the traditional fold-over uniform tops. 1st Gup (red-black) and Black Belts are permitted to wear black pants. White pants with red or blue stripes are permitted. If a student has a white traditional top from a previous school, they can continue to wear it until it wears out. Only approved patches are permitted on the uniform. School T-shirts are only permitted during designated months in the summer and in sparring classes.

Sparring Equipment

Students are required to purchase the appropriate equipment for each rank. All required items can be purchased through the school at a significant discount; see the school manager (Debbie Thompson). You are welcome to purchase equipment on your own, but please ensure it meets our requirements and it must be approved by the Instructor before using it in class.

Level 1: White belts - mouth guard, hogu style chest protector, and gloves for boxing. All students must wear a mouth guard for sparring.

Level 2: Kick Boxing (any belt above white-belt) - Level 1 plus head guard and shin&foot protection. Forearm guards are highly suggested for sparring, but not required.

All men/boys must wear a cup to class - all classes.

  • All students must wear a chest protector/hogu for boxing and sparring. No rib guards are permitted in class or testing.
  • Put your name on all of your equipment.


Hand and kicking skills progress stripes.

Blue Stars - awarded for proper execution of hand techniques. Must hold hands up in a good fighting stance.

Red Stars -awarded for execution of kick techniques with control and proper technique.

Direction for Stars - Stars are placed on the right sleeve, near the cuff. Position the adhesive side on the fabric. Set temperature to setting appropriate for garment (cotton). Use dry heat, no steam. Cover star with a thin cloth. Press front for 10 to 15 seconds. Presss back 20 to 25 seconds. No back and forth motion should be used. Wait to completely cool before checking (be patient). Adhesive only becomes permanent after allowed to cool. Star can also be sewn on.



  • Request permission to practice with weapons before class and do not practice near students.
  • Youth under 15 do not participate in Gun or Knife training.
  • Only rattan short sticks will be used for Arnis contact drills.
  • Only a yellow, red, or orange rubber gun is permitted in class. These must remain in your bag until class is in session.
  • Only a rubber or wood knife (very dull and blunt) is permitted. Any item not purchased via the school must be approved for use in class.
  • Training weapons ( gun and knife) must be kept in your bag and only removed during class. After use, return to your bag. Any training gun or knife found after class will not be returned to the student. Because of our practice location, it is imperative that not training items be left after class!

Our equipment is sold at a steep discount and as such we have the following conditions:

  • Students must come to the dojang to try on the equipment, no exceptions.
  • Once the equipment leaves the dojang, it cannot be returned for any reason. Please inspect thoroughly before leaving.
  • Only adults (18+) can purchase weapons.
  • Training gun and knife will be replaced in the 1st 30 days if defective. After 30 days, no warranty is given.
  • Defective foam feet, hand guards, and head gear will be replaced in the first 30 days only. After 30 days, no warranty is given. Some students abuse their gear such as hitting hard surfaces. We provide affordable quality equipment as a school service to the students. We are not a professional equipment business. The equipment we provide lasts a very reasonable period of time if treated with care and respect. Students are welcome to purchase equipment from alternate suppliers but please check to see if it acceptable in our school before purchase. We have rules on the type of equipment that may be used.
  • Our uniforms are made in the USA!

If you do not agree with our equipment policy, you are welcome to purchase your own equipment from other suppliers such as Century.