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American Cougar Martial Arts



  • Students shall stretch, practice or talk quietly before class. No running or horseplay.
  • When the Instructor is talking to the class, all students shall stop their activity and listen.
  • Be on time for class. If you are late, wait at the edge of the practice area until given permission to enter.
  • Youth students that leave the school without their parent coming into the school to pick them up will be dismissed from the program.
  • If the Instructor is busy, the highest-ranking student shall start the class on time.
  • No jewelry (including earrings) or watches are to be worn to class. No chewing gum during class.
  • Line up with the highest ranks in the front and to the right.
  • The use of inappropriate language, deliberate excessive or malicious contact during class will result in dismissal from the program. Damage or disrespect of school property will result in dismissal from the program.
  • Important – Students must be respectful to the school Manager and all assistant Instructors. Disrespect will result in dismissal from the program.
  • Students are not permitted to practice, demonstrate, or use techniques in class that are not taught in the ACMA School without the Head Instructor's permission. Do not modify techniques without permission.
  • Students shall bow to the Instructor when entering or leaving the practice area. If the Instructor is not on the floor, bow to the center of the practice area.


  • Do not ask to test, your Instructor will tell you when you are ready to test.
  • Be on time and be prepared. Bring all gear needed for your exam. Bring a drink. Cameras and camcorders are welcome.
  • Always wear your complete uniform for ranks tests. Be a little early to get prepared and warm-up.
  • Visitors are always welcome to watch, however small children must remain quiet and stay off the test floor.
  • AIKIA certificates are issued to active ACMA students only.

Uniforms (for students that join ACMA)

  • Uniforms should be kept neat and clean.
  • Only patches approved by the instructor can be worn. When you join AIKIA, please put the AIKIA patch on your uniform.
  • T-Shirts are for bo, sparring and during the summer session only.
  • Only new students may wear "street clothes" to class. Once a student joins the school, they must wear "Instructor Approved" uniforms or alternate clothing.

Sparring and Protective Gear

  • Men and boys must wear a cup to every class.All students must wear a chest protector to spar.
  • Contact must be light at all times. Excessive contact or lack of control will result in loss of sparring suspension.


  • Do not practice with weapons before class without asking permission.
  • During weapons class, you must follow the instructors directions exactly, no modifications are permitted.
  • Do not practice or demonstrate any weapon technique before or after class without the Instructor’s permission. Do not pick up anyone’s weapon without requesting permission. Youth 15 and under are not permitted to bring practice weapons to class without the Instructor’s permission.