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Youth Class Information

Welcome to the American Cougar Martial Arts Youth Program! The study of the Martial Arts is very different from the traditional sports activities in the United States such as football and basketball. It is important for parents to understand the issues and always ask questions. Many people find it difficult to ask, but it is important to have your questions answered. If you find it difficult to ask during class, you are always welcome to call me.

Some people wonder if our Recreation Departmet classes are a "real martial arts" school. We offer a comprehensive program and award nationally recognized rank. Mr. Thompson takes classes with some of the world's leading martial artists and provides a unique mixture of traditional basics and modern defensive tactics.

It is very important not to compare students in class. Everyone is different and each must learn at their own pace. We offer inexpensive private lessons to school members if you would like to work on specific topics or advance in rank faster.

Testing for belts in class is often a source of misunderstanding. Our promotions are based on time and skill. The students must attend a minimum number of classes. There are many different factors between schools and you cannot simply compare times. Larger schools have more classes per week that a student may attend, different belt structures, and may permit a faster progression to maintain student interest. In martial arts competitions, our students have always performed as well as students from large commercial schools! Students in the youth program must take a progress stripe "quiz" mid-way in a rank plus they must complete an "application" before being allowed to take a belt test.

When you join the American Cougar Martial Arts School and start to test for belts (rank), you must purchase a uniform. Safety equipment for sparring is needed. Our sparring is light contact. Light contact with safety gear makes sparring a safe, fun, and a great work-out.

Parents are always welcome to watch class.

One last item, you must come into the gym to get your child. The youth class students are not allowed to leave the gym without a parent. No exceptions.

Mr. Thompson

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